Why did I build one page portfolio plugin for wordpress

When I was building my portfolio site  using wordpress, I need a works show page. I search the wordpress plugin directory, there are already several kinds of plugins , but can’t find what I want.

I need a plugin which can use my current category and posts, because I have published posts about the projects I finished to one category, I just don’t want to re-publish them on the plugin page again. I tried several plugins, but they need me re-organize my works again.

The second consideration is Printerest-Like layout, I don’t want to use fix-sized images, so I want a dynamic layout. This jQuery plugin  can achive this, but can’t find a plugin use this jQuery plugin.

Another consideration is using tag to filter the works page, I have added several tags, so I want to choose existing ones no extra works.

If you already have many existing works posts, I think this is the easy way to build a portfolio page, just  move them to one category, and choose the tags for filtering, a mordern layout no extra code needed. I think it is also useful for others, so I built one page portfolio plugin for wordpress.