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Why Use BootStrap On Your Website?

If you have ever tried to work out how to create a website that not only works well, but also looks great, you have most likely look at design frameworks. You download the relevant CSS, JavaScript and any other files (usually fonts) and end up with various elements that you can start piecing together to create your website’s design. If you just want a simple one-page web app, you can start with Bootstrap and add in the components as required. For a more complicated website, you might look for a specific theme or template that meets with the website image you have in your head.

That said, this is barely scratching the surface of what you can do with Bootstrap. You can also create single-page applications that use a JavaScript framework such as backbone or AngularJS. You can use Laravel or Ruby on Rails to support your back-end code, and start creating fantastically complicated and profitable websites. You might even find a Bootstrap Theme that uses great photography or that you can plug in images from your favourite stock image website, and find the perfect illustration for your web presence.

Firstly, it can be of huge benefit since it’s far more cost-effective than hiring a designer and working through a complete design process. That’s not to say that working with a designer isn’t worthwhile. Bootstrap just gives you a leg-up and a helping hand on the road to getting started. Starting with a Bootstrap template can also help prototype website designs at the absolute lowest of costs and time constraints. Suddenly you are free to try multiple designs and sketches, live, and in real-time, in your desktop browser, or on your phone. By using Bootstrap’s CSS goodies, you have instantly given yourself the confidence to create brilliant websites. Visitors will be delighted with your easy-to-use website that doesn’t rely on unusual design trends, or slow down their browser to the point of being useless. With Bootstrap alone you get this all for free.

There are other benefits of using a theme based on Bootstrap. Thanks to its widespread use, many designers and developers will be able to jump into your project with their legs running, while you lay safe in the knowledge that the standard way of doing things is being continued. Even better, you can continue to experiment with the vast number of Bootstrap-related items available on the internet and know for certain that it’ll be easy to add them to your website.

At the end of the day, the main thing Bootstrap gives you and your website visitors is convenience. Whether this has come about via a custom design, or a template or theme, you’re making it far easier for all concerned to use and develop your website. And that’s what really matters: a great experience for everyone concerned. If, thanks to your choice of CSS framework, you can make more money as a direct result, everybody wins and can go home happy.