One page portfolio wordpress plugin release

When I was building my works page: , I used isotope jquery plugin ,  it’s a very useful jquery plugin if you want create a portfolio page, so I created a wordpress plugin, then others can use it easily on wordpress. Because isotope jquery plugin not compatible with the GPLv2,  so I can’t publish it to the wordpress plugin repository now, so I decide to release it on my own site first, then I think I need change to another jquery plugin to achive the Pinterest-Like style.

“One Page Portfolio” made it easy to create one page portfolio using pinterest-like style.

== Description ==

The plugin can diplay all your works on one page using a shortcode[opp]. You can choose one category as your portfolio category
then publish your works post one by one to the category. The page you add shortcode will display all your works using pinterest-like style. You can add tags to these posts, then choose which tags to filter these posts.
You can choose the thumbnails size to change the image size on the portfolio page, but before that you need set the feature images for every posts.

== Installation ==

You can use the built in installer and upgrader, or you can install the plugin manually.

1. You can either use the automatic plugin installer or your FTP program to upload it to your wp-content/plugins directory the top-level folder. Don’t just upload all the php files and put them in /wp-content/plugins/.
2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
3. Configure any settings from “Settings > One Page Portfolio”.
4. Add a page for your portfolio display, then add a shortcode [opp] to this page.

== Frequently Asked Questions ==

= What languages are supported? =
* English

= I have set all things up, but nothing is displayed =
Check whether you choose the category which you publish your works posts, then add a shortcode [opp] to your portfolio page.

= I have added images to every posts, but can’t see them on my portfolio page =
The full size images will not be displayed on your portfolio page, you need set feature images for the posts, so the thumbnails can be displayed.

= What ideas for further releases you have? =
* allow cropping images for your works post
* hide the sidebar of the portfolio page

== Screenshots ==

1. You have access all configurations on Settings,and you also can send feedback to me so I can improve the plugin.

2. All works posts will be displayed using Pinterest-Like style.

3. Visitors can click the tag to filter the works show.